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Kairomi Uchiha

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1 Kairomi Uchiha on Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:13 pm

Character Name: Kairomi Uchiha
Character Age: 19

Body Appearance: Kairomi is a slim,tough skinned boy. He has black hair just like most Uchiha. His hair is spiky and he has a huge bang going down to his nose,just like most Uchiha again. He has an average sized nose. You could say his height is pretty high for his age.

Kairomi,like said above,is slim for his age,just like his height. Kairomi is often mistaken by enemies to be puny. He has a 6 pack under his shirt,but isn`t really a "muscle man" or so to speak.
Basic clothing appearance: Kairomi wears a black coat with a gold outline. It his 6 buttons on it that he doesn`t use. Under his coat is a black,long-sleeved,plain shirt. On the back is a little white star that is hard to see.

Kairomi wears black pants with pockets where his knees are. They also have back ppckets. Kairomi wears gold shoes,which can be seen as somewhat weird at times. 
Basic History: As an Uchiha,growing up was train,train,and train. His parents always wanted him to be the best. Kairomi,even though as Hokage,doesn`t really care for being the best. But his parents treat him as it,of course.

His parents put him in the academy at 6 years old,where he graduated successfully at 7. He became a Chuunin at 9,surpassing his classmates.  At the age of 13 he became Jonin,followed by at 14 becoming an anbu. He was getting respect from the whole village by now. Soon the hokage had died. Surprisingly,he became the next Hokage. 

Personality: Kairomi is very outgoing. He has never been a shy person. Maybe it`s one of the reasons he`s so respected? Kairomi is occasionally stoic.

In battle,Kairomi is never reckless. He always thinks of a strategy before battle. He is never joking around,no matter who the enemy may be.
Goals/Aims/Dreams: To protect his village.

Ninja Rank: Hokage
Main Element(s): Fire and Lightning
Ninja Village: Hidden Leaf (Konohagakure No Sato)

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