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Elemental Strengths

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1 Elemental Strengths on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:41 pm


The above are the strengths and weaknesses of given jutsu elements. +1 represents the jutsu having an advantage over the other. -1 represents the jutsu having a weakness over the other. For example, an A rank Katon jutsu attacking a B rank Suiton jutsu would nullify each other, where a A rank Katon jutsu would lose to a A rank water jutsu. Below are the advance release weaknesses and strengths:

Element: Strength: Weakness

Wood: Water: Fire
Ice: Wind: Fire
Storm: Fire: Wind
Lava: Wood and Ice: Water and Wind
Boil: Water: Wind

*this list is subject to change as more advanced releases are added*

-Credit to ShinobiGaiden*

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