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Chakra,Jutsu,Mission,and Beli system.

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1 Chakra,Jutsu,Mission,and Beli system. on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:07 pm

Chakra System and Jutsu SystemIn the world,ninja and pirates alike have an energy system called "Chakra". Chakra is in everything. It`s the only way to perform a jutsu.

Below are how much each rank jutsu cost (in chakra)

E-rank/10 Chakra
D-rank/30 Chakra
C-rank/50 Chakra
B-rank/100 Chakra
A-rank/175 Chakra
S-rank/250 Chakra

Now,here is how much chakra each rank of ninja/pirates gets. This is called a Chakra Pool.

D-rank/100 Chakra Pool
C-rank/125 Chakra Pool
B-rank/175 Chakra Pool
A-rank/250 Chakra Pool
S-rank/300 Chakra Pool

What happens when I run out of chakra? Well,unless you use chakra in the post,every time you post,you restore 20 chakra. Or,a medical ninja can restore 80% of your chakra (do the math)

How do I learn jutsu?
You can buy them,or do word count training. Below is how much words/beli each rank of jutsu cost.

D-rank Jutsu/250 Beli or 300 words
C-rank Jutsu/400 Beli or 500 words
B-rank Jutsu/750 Beli or 750 words
A-rank Jutsu/1000 Beli or 1250 words
S-rank Jutsu/2000 Beli or 1500 words

Mission System and Beli

Missions. Missions are tasks that ninja and pirates take from their kage. All are sorted in to ranks. For example,walking the dog would be a D-rank mission and would give a little bit of beli. While,assassination would be an S-rank mission and would give alot of beli. Below are how much beli each rank mission gives,unless stated otherwise.

D-rank Mission/200 Ryo
C-rank Mission/400 Ryo
B-rank Mission/750 Ryo
A-rank Mission/950 Ryo
S-rank Mission/1000 Ryo

Also,each mission requires a certain word count.

D-rank/300 Words
C-rank/500 Words
B-rank/1000 Words
A-rank/1500 Words
S-rank/2000 Words

Thanks! Smile

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