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Bijuu and Devil Fruit System

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1 Bijuu and Devil Fruit System on Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:32 pm

Before reading this,note that if you eat a devil fruit and are a jinchuuriki,a dice will be rolled,and you`ll have of a 1/3 chance of dying,other times,you will have to be hospitalized.

Bijuu System

Bijuu`s are extremely powerful beings sealed within just 9 ninja/pirates in the world. If a bijuu,also known as a tailed beast,is sealed within someone,they are known as a jinchuuriki. Jinchuuriki have a major increase in chakra. They also gain power far beyond anyone's imagination.

Jinchuuriki are so strong,that they don`t even fit in the class of S-rank. If you are a jinchuuriki,you will be classified as Z-rank,a rank that can can only be obtained another way with a devil fruit. As there are only 9 bijuu,there are only 9 jinchuuriki. You must have the jinchuuriki sealed within you with an advanced sealing jutsu. You also must have started as a genin/amateur-pirate.

Jinchuuriki also get chakra increases.

E-rank Jutsu/Cost no chakra
D-rank Jutsu/80% off
C-rank Jutsu/75% off
B-rank Jutsu/50% off
A-rank Jutsu/25% off
S-rank Jutsu/10% off

Devil Fruit System

Devil Fruit are mysterious assorted fruit that give powers. For example,the flame flame fruit gives the eater fire powers,or the revive revive fruits gives the power to revive after death. The devil fruits are in hidden areas,but there are many. They all come in differents shapes,patterns,and sizes.

Once a devil fruit is bit into,the eater instantly gets the power from the fruit. If anyone else takes a bite,nothing happens. If the eater dies,the fruit that they bit will respawn,and can be eaten again.

Note: The eater must find a devil fruit,and have permission from a staff member to eat,or make a topic on it.

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